• Personal & Corporate Taxes

    Experience in sole proprietorship, fishing, farming, rental, capital gains, GST/HST returns, Disability Tax Credit applications, Certificates of compliance, Trusts, Estate

    • Personal tax preparation
    • Corporate tax
    • Prepare Financials and Corporate tax returns
    • Family Trusts

    Let us provide the advice and support you need to ensure your taxes are prepared in compliance with the Tax Act.

  • Corporate & Personal Tax Planning

    • Estate plans
    • RRSP
    • TFSA
    • Salary vs Dividends
    • Corporate structuring using family trusts, Holding companies
    • Succession planning

    “Proper tax planning allows you to minimize your tax burden and have more after tax dollars to invest and grow your business faster.”

  • Business plans

    • Working with entrepreneurs to project financial plans for financing and to determine the viability of a new business venture or expansion
    • Experience with many industries and professions.


    Our experience will assist entrepreneurs to make more informed decisions for future growth and have a greater chance for success through this process.

  • Assurance

    Experience in Audit, and Review engagements

    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) reviews
    • Audits of Private, Government, and Not-for-Profit Organizations


    We have extensive experience in assurance engagements. We have Provided assurance reports for many lenders, as well as immigration PEI (IIDI), and all other stakeholders in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS).

  • Business Consulting

    • General business consulting
    • Financing advice
    • Tax planning
    • Growth strategies
    • Networking
    • Payroll assistance and training
    • Accounting systems and software set up, including cloud integration


  • Cloud Accounting

    • Cloud services
    • Systems set up
    • Payroll
    • HST returns
    • Project tracking
    • Value added reporting

    Streamlining processes and minimizing data entry to optimize owner/manager’s time and provide accurate and timely reports for decision making.

    quickbooks ProAdvisor

  • Business Acquisitions

    • Assistance with purchasing and/or selling of business
    • Asset Vs Share sale analysis
    • Estimating value and tax considerations
    • Due diligence